Abandoned Places

7 Beautiful Abandoned Places

This Halloween, we’ve united the best photography of spooky spaces, including a city devoured by sand, an abandoned Japanese amusement stop, and rotting crazy refuges.


7 Beautiful Abandoned Places

Les Sables du Temps

French picture taker Romain Veillon investigated a relinquished town that is gradually being devoured by the Namib leave to make these pictures of once-rich structures loaded with sand hills.

7 Beautiful Abandoned Places

The revelation of precious stones at the turn of the twentieth century incited the foundation of Kolmanskop as a settlement for German diggers, yet it was deserted only 50 years after the fact when the assets ran out. Presently minimal more than a visitor goal, the phantom town is step by step vanishing under sand.



Nara Dreamland

Veillon likewise captured the relinquished and congested scene of Nara Dreamland, an amusement stop worked in 1961 as Japan’s response to Disneyland.
7 Beautiful Abandoned Places

It in the end shut in the late spring of 2006, yet its attractions were left set up for more than 10 years – before in the end being pulverized toward the finish of 2016. Veillon figured out how to catch the rot of the structures previously the bulldozers moved in.



Relinquished Asylums

Canadian picture taker Matt Van der Velde visited the left and rotting healing centers in North America, once used to house and treat patients experiencing mental clutters, where numerous patients in the nineteenth century spent the vast majority of their lives organized.

7 Beautiful Abandoned Places

These fantastic structures were spent until the 1950s, when less confining strategies for mind were presented. The wards were left in different states – some totally void, others still with all the furniture and gear set up.



Soviet Ghosts

Picture taker Rebecca Litchfield has visited previous Soviet nations to record the once-momentous structures around the Eastern Bloc that have fallen into rot.

7 Beautiful Abandoned Places

She went to healing centers, military sleeping quarters, detainment facilities, spy stations, sports lobbies and that’s just the beginning – evading security and military work force, and gambling radiation presentation to access the abandoned structures.




German picture taker Christian Richter has broken into more than 1,000 relinquished structures crosswise over Europe since 2011, to catch their “swan tune”.

7 Beautiful Abandoned Places

Helped by a system of companions who propose new places for him to visit, he tries to keep the areas mystery to keep the structures being vandalized.




Neglected military checkpoints and outskirt stations crosswise over Europe are listed in this arrangement by Polish-conceived picture taker Josef Schulz.

7 Beautiful Abandoned Places

Named Übergang after the German word for intersection, the arrangement of pictures portrays transnational outskirts that have turned out to be repetitive. Each shot has additionally been carefully controlled with the goal that the environment show up covered in mist.

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Home Less

These pictures by Portuguese picture taker Nelson Garrido uncover structures left betrayed in the fallout of the last money related emergency.7 Beautiful Abandoned Places

To start with displayed at the 2016 Venice Architecture Biennale, the Home Less arrangement highlights structures from the whole way across Portugal, from occasion manors to mass lodging squares. Some were left betrayed after fulfillment, while others were surrendered before they were even wrapped up.

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