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Instead Shows CV Paper, This Fresh Graduate Use Agen Bola Minifigure as His CV

Rather than a commonplace paper CV, graduate fashioner Andy Morris has made a Agen Bola Minifigure in his own resemblance to convey to potential businesses.

Morris, 34, as of late finished an inside outline degree at the University of South Wales, and is presently searching for a full-time plan part. He chose to make an offbeat CV to enable him to remain in an aggressive employments showcase.

He outlined a Lego character to look like himself, finish with a portable workstation and a modest paper CV in its grasp. He at that point made custom bundling for the toy, which gives a short diagram of the creator and his experience.


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Using Agen Bola Minifigure as His CV

“Everything in life ought to be fun, notwithstanding applying for employments,” Morris told Dezeen, “and keeping in mind that regular CVs are incredible for passing on past achievements, they’re constrained on what identity, inventiveness and development you can infuse into them.”

“With my approach, I can ideally exhibit the above,” he said. “Also, who wouldn’t like to get some Lego through the post, and contract the individual with such a novel standpoint!”

Morris beforehand worked in fund, so moving into configuration is a noteworthy profession switch for him. He has additionally beforehand filled in as a craftsman.


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He trusts his non-conventional approach will separate him from his peers, as somebody with a wide assortment of experience, yet will likewise give potential bosses all the data they have to consider him for a meeting.

The system has demonstrated fruitful in the past – for example, youthful employment candidate Étienne Duval pulled in the consideration of planner Bjarke Ingels by making an energized rap that put forth a defense for why BIG should procure him.

Morris said he has just barely begun to convey the CVs, yet has just had a meeting offer from Cardiff-based advertisement office S3.

“I’ve been welcomed for a meeting at S3 in their ball pit, truly,” he stated, flaunting a Tweet he had gotten.


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Lego Minifigures are among the most conspicuous bits of the Danish brand’s celebrated toy development framework. They are sold in the similarity of many celebrated characters and give the characters in Lego motion pictures.

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As per reports, Lego’s officials likewise utilize Minifigures as business cards, in spite of the fact that names and subtle elements are printed straightforwardly onto each character, as opposed to on bundling.

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Different utilizations for the toys incorporate holders for securing portable workstation and cell phone links to the side of a work area – a strategy advanced by mouldable engineered elastic brand Sugru.

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